The Cluj Branch of Romanian Academy was founded on August 12, 1948, by the new ordinance of organization and functioning.
      Its first president was the academician Emil Petrovici. This position was also held by academicians Raluca Ripan, Victor Preda, Stefan Pascu and Ionel Haiduc.
     The major attributions of the Branch refer to the guidance of many research institutes: history, linguistics, mathematics etc. Their number has been variable in time, according to certain measures of reorganization.
     On May 26th 1949, the Regulation for functioning of the Branch was approved, and this stipulated among its tasks: 'to contribute by all means to the general progress of science, letters and arts, as also to study, use and develop the scientific, cultural and universal achievements.'
     The Branch has organized numerous conferences as also other cultural and scientific events.
     We can mention here the ones dedicated to the personalities of Victor Babes, Theodor Capidan, Ioan Slavici, Silviu Dragomir, Stefan Pascu,Timotei Cipariu s.a., to the natural reservations Cheile Turzii, Pietrosul Rodnei, Retezat Mountains, to some events as the Memorandum in 1892 or the petition Supplex Libellus Valachorum in 1792, and to different cybernetics, dialectology matters etc.
     Each year or once in two years, the Branch organized a major pluridisciplinary session, under the title "The Cluj Academic Days". The Branch supports and coordinates the activities of its institutes in Cluj-Napoca, as also the publications and works of its members.